Copperhead Ridge Farm is owned by Melissa Smith and located north of Springfield Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks where the wooded hills begin to open up to the prairie of the west. Although I own a few cows and chickens the focus of Copperhead Ridge Farm is its’ little Nigerian goats. I have established an outstanding foundation herd with superior genetics and milk production histories in their pedigrees. As I move forward into 2017 my goals are to breed Nigerian dwarf goats of the highest quality, with strong adherence to breed standards, healthy show quality appearance, conformation and true production ability of sweet creamy milk for sustainable small homesteads.



These amazing little goats are known for their high butterfat milk which results in delicious dairy products [cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese and so much more] for the dinner table that you can enjoy knowing where it comes from. You can also produce soaps, lotions and creams of an endless number of scents that make wonderful gifts as well as personal use in your home!

I have some very high quality genetics for show and production. My mission is to continue to support the continued success of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed and maintain the standards for the absolutely beautiful miniature Dairy Goat.

Producing high quality animals and milk may be my mission but at the end of the day I’m doing this because I just love these precious, funny, wonderful little critters. They make me smile and laugh out loud with the ongoing antics and the sheer joy they exhibit in play and interactions with each other. I have had the privilege of caring for many different animals in my life and I have to say these little Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats are right at the top and remain a mainstay at Copperhead Ridge Farm!